A New and Different Adventure

It's been almost a year since we closed the doors to our shop, and began a new and different adventure in the Rochester retail scene. We know it has been as challenging for you as it has been for us. But we are here to say that we are feeling very optimistic about what lies ahead!

Last March, we made a decision to move forward in a different way. During the months that followed, we felt strongly that for us and for our clientele it did not seem prudent to have our doors open. We made the executive choice to start selling our inventory online through social media - and to our surprise it was a big success. We held a couple of outdoor sales that were also tons of fun and well attended - and that got us thinking. While we couldn't be open, we could still keep our brand going but do it in what seemed a safer way as we all navigated our new world...

So we developed a retail website that offered an opportunity to shop from home - something we didn't have before. Our website launched in December and we continue to fine tune it as we go. We have also created a beautiful design studio in our same location where we now work with our design clients in a comfortable setting.

What is important to say here is that we completely understand that this is a much different experience than coming into our cozy shop and wandering through.We have heard over and over from our customers that you miss the experience of shopping, the comradery and the many years of watching the shop evolve.

We are hoping that soon we will be able to offer that experience again through "pop-up" shopping - certain times that we will offer sales and special experiences - right here in the design studio. We look forward to holding more outdoor sales as we did last summer when the weather warms up. What we really look forward to is seeing you again!

Until then, please know that we are doing all we can to offer the kinds of products you have come to expect from us. We are here most every weekday and are happy to answer any questions you have about the products on our website, and to make the curbside pick up experience as easy as we can for you.

If you are contemplating a design project - large or small - we welcome the opportunity to help! We will soon have photographs on our website of some of the projects we have been busy working on, and would love to help you make your home feel just the way you want it to.

We so appreciate the past 20 years of your loyalty and friendship, and look forward to the days when we are all back together again.

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