Meet Our Designers

Tammy Gaffney - Interior Designer

Tammy Gaffney

Inviting an interior design consultant into your home may seem daunting – but what happens as we collaborate can feel like magic. A project that felt impossible to complete (often because it is hard to be objective about our own living space) can sometimes be solved in just one visit.

Many of my clients are frustrated with poorly functioning rooms. We often find the solutions together – from determining a room’s focal point, deciding where to place the television, updating wall colors, to coming up with a new room layout to make the space feel more inviting.

Throughout the entire process, we work together so that a sense of pride is attached to the finished product. We collaborate – moving furniture, hanging art, selecting paint colors or accessorizing bookshelves – whatever it takes to make your house feel like home!

My consultations take place in your home on an hourly basis, at a time that is convenient for you. I look forward to working with you.

“My husband and I were fortunate enough to purchase two amazing chairs at your warehouse sale last summer (a friend called me to clue me in that the chairs were among some of the fabulous sale items). Purchased – Great! We were so excited to have the chairs, but knew that we were going to have to do some MAJOR reorganizing of our living room! We were also coming into this century in preparing to purchase a flat screen wall mounted TV. What to do with our 20 year of the same old same old living room?

To the rescue: Tammy – one of your in-home designers!! Tammy is absolutely amazing! She is a “roll-up her sleeves, let’s get to work with what you have” designer who will listen to your vision, your preferences, your price point & take it from there…she is willing to keep an eye out for items that will enhance your environment and your lifestyle.

Thank you Tammy and Windsor Cottage for helping what seemed an impossible task become possible!”

Colleen McCarthy-White
“A friend told me about W.C. back in those early Brighton days. My first purchase was a lovely antique tea cart. I never realized until many years later that interior decorating services were also available. Two summers ago I was ready to give my living room a whole new look. Tammy helped me change a cluttered, not too user friendly living room into a space which family (myself and husband included) and visitors, said, “Wow, how did this happen and what is her name????”

Now we are in the process of decorating a second home. This one is charming and whimsical. Many of my furnishings are either consigned or new pieces from Windsor Cottage.

It saves so much running around. It is like having a personal shopper! I love the fact that ideas come from Tammy, myself, friends, family and magazines. The project evolves but is completed in a timely fashion.

I would recommend the services of the W.C. staff to anyone.”

Maureen DiPoala