Windsor Cottage is simply one of the very best furnishing resources in the Rochester area.

Store is closing.

Time to say goodbye.

Dear Friends,

This is not a business letter, it is a love letter.

For almost 20 years, I have had the pleasure of owning a business that not only helped sell your memories and treasures, but helped to find new treasures for your homes. So many of you have told us that as you look around your homes, you see Windsor Cottage everywhere! We have loved the stories that you have shared with us, and the beautiful pieces that have come and gone, to be loved and appreciated again in a new space by a new family.

So often we have been told that the shop “just has a feeling” to it that is both welcoming and memorable. What I know for sure is that feeling has been created by good people with good intentions – starting with our incredibly talented staff – Annie, Ann, Tammy, Pat and Justin – who have always put our customers first. They have been the foundation of our success, and I count my blessings for them.

We are so grateful to our many consignors who have brought us lovingly cared for pieces. We have enjoyed curating our collections of new items with care and thought, and we have also been blessed by you – our loyal friends who have patronized the shop.

Lately, I have been wondering if there is one more mountain to climb. Are there other ways that I can provide service to the many people we have worked with over the years?

With these thoughts, I have decided that the store has reached its final act. We will be closing our doors in the near future.

We are keeping all those affected by this virus in our thoughts and prayers.

Although the store is closing, design services will still be available along with special orders as Justin Brown and Pat Och continue to assist in creating spaces to love.

Due to the current health crisis and the elevated risk, we have changed our timeline for our final closing sale.

We are CURRENTLY CLOSED and will remain closed until it is safer for our staff and customers. We will stay in touch through email regarding the start of our sale.

This may mark the end of an era, but you never know what might come next. You’ll be the first to know…stay tuned!

Many thanks and much love,